Machine learning is the future of business. Are you ready?
Machine learning is the future of business. Are you ready?

Finding Machine Learning Practitioners is Hard. MSOE Makes It Easy.

In today’s markets, problem solvers, pattern finders and those who aren’t afraid of the unknown are driving business forward. Engineering skill sets and mindsets are highly valued, and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and technologies demonstrate significant value across a wide range of domains and fields, leading to widespread adoptions. In the future, there will be two types of companies: those that use AI effectively and lead the market, and those that don’t. Further, the most effective practitioners of AI are those who also have expertise in the desired application domain. Let MSOE be your partner in developing your engineers into capable machine learning and AI practitioners through our certificate and master’s programs in machine learning.

MSOE regularly engages in conversations with our valued corporate partners to ensure that our programs are aligned with their hiring needs. We hear similar messages from multiple partners: “We need to be doing more with AI, but we are struggling to hire engineers with knowledge of our field and AI.” The reality is there are not enough machine learning practitioners to meet demand, let alone practitioners who are experts in both machine learning and an engineering domain (so-called “unicorns”). Yet, these companies have large, talented pools of engineers who are excited to learn new skills and grow their careers.

Benefits of training your existing workforce in AI:

  • Increase the impact of employees who are have already shown themselves to be effective practitioners and leaders in your organization

  • Maximize the capabilities of your current, dependable workforce rather than taking risks on unknown quantities in a competitive market (hiring demand for machine learning skills is up 417% from 2015)1

  • Get up to speed quickly. New hires can take a year to become effective, longer to reach full effectiveness—current employees can more easily and readily apply new skills since they already know the domain, product and company

  • Create opportunities for employee growth and advancement that support retention and productivity

Our Partners

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Designed to Meet Industry Needs

Born out of industry demand, our online machine learning programs are designed to equip engineers to apply machine learning to their fields through accelerated programs that build on their existing professional and technical experience and skills. MSOE is a leader in engineering education—we understand what engineers need, how to speak their language, and the problems they work on. Our programs are uniquely designed by engineers for engineers and their employers. Partnering with MSOE is the best way to address employment issues and the fastest way to upskill your workforce to start seeing the ROI from applying machine learning to your business.

MSOE’s online machine learning programs were created in partnership with top Wisconsin employers who saw the need to upskill their workforces. Our machine learning students develop advanced skills to create and deploy machine learning solutions in their respective technical fields. And, since our programs are focused on application, as an employer you will benefit immediately from the skills your employees learn in class. See how our programs serve employees and employers alike. Learn more about our Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning and our Master of Science in Machine Learning degree program.

Save an HR headache and upskill your workforce by partnering with MSOE instead.

Machine Learning by the Numbers

$209.1 Billion
Projected machine learning market growth by 20292
Increase in demand for machine learning skills1
20% of EBIT
Attributed to AI use by companies following core and advanced AI best practices3

Why Partner With MSOE?

Man in sweater and tie working on laptop beside wiring
MSOE is known by employers in Wisconsin and beyond for our tradition of rigor, quality and effectiveness. Our heritage as a strong, technically focused school prepares engineers and technical professionals to be career-ready.
Two men in front of monitor showing a map in an engineering environment
MSOE students walk away with immediately applicable skills. Upskilling your workforce through our online machine learning programs means you don’t have to wait to get the benefits of machine learning and AI tools.
Two women using a touchscreen map of United States
The curriculum for the online machine learning programs was designed to focus on the application of machine learning to industrial problems, as well as the development and deployment of machine learning-based products, making it unique among the current educational offerings in this space.
“As machine learning broadens to internal processes, Milwaukee Tool faces the choice to outsource work. This program allows us to cultivate these skills internally.”
Gina J., Milwaukee Tool

Get to Know MSOE’s Online Machine Learning Programs

MSOE Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning was born from industry demand for professionals with machine learning and artificial intelligence experience. This focused certificate program is designed for recent graduates and professionals and will prepare you to leverage AI and machine learning domains to create innovative, data-driven solutions to problems.

MSOE Master of Science in Machine Learning

The Master of Science in Machine Learning is a unique opportunity for students to grow their expertise in machine learning and AI concepts. This comprehensive program was designed to focus on the application of machine learning to industrial problems, as well as the development and deployment of machine learning-based products.
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