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In-depth. Industry-driven. Professionally executed.

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In today’s markets, problem solvers, pattern finders and those who aren’t afraid of the unknown are driving business forward. Engineering skill sets and mindsets are highly valued, and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and technologies are being used to sift through massive amounts of data to help companies make meaningful business decisions. With this in mind, MSOE’s corporate partners and industry leaders are seeking employees with knowledge in AI and machine learning to strengthen their workforces. However, these skills are not easy to come by, which is why MSOE has developed online machine learning programs to fit the needs of motivated professionals and employers alike.

With MSOE’s machine learning programs, you will bolster your career with skills that put you on the cutting edge of today’s technologies, and make meaningful contributions to your organization by implementing key machine learning and AI applications. Learn more about our Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning and our Master of Science in Machine Learning degree program.

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MSOE and You: Better Together

Earn your master’s or certificate in machine learning online with MSOE. Complete the form to get a program details sheet for the program of your choosing—Master of Science in Machine Learning or Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning—delivered to your inbox.

MSOE’s Machine Learning Online Programs

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MSOE Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning was born from industry demand for professionals with machine learning and artificial intelligence experience. This focused certificate program is designed for recent graduates and professionals and will prepare you to leverage AI and machine learning domains to create innovative, data-driven solutions to problems.
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MSOE Master of Science in Machine Learning

The Master of Science in Machine Learning is a unique opportunity to grow your expertise in machine learning and AI concepts. This comprehensive program is carefully designed for professionals looking to deepen their knowledge, skills and leadership in this exciting area of technology.


MSOE has already distinguished itself as a leader in the area of machine learning with the first undergraduate computer science program focused on applications of artificial intelligence. The certificate and master’s programs in machine learning support professionals who wish to develop the advanced technical skills needed to create new products integrating machine learning and big data.

Join us online and get the MSOE Advantage—more personal attention, more practical experience, and more career power—from wherever you live and work.

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Learn Directly From the Experts

You won’t find TA intermediaries at MSOE. Our online machine learning programs are taught by our expert faculty members who have real-world experience working with machine learning and AI technologies in various industries.
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Level Up With Cutting Edge Programs

Various industries want your engineering mindset and programming know-how. MSOE’s machine learning programs were developed in partnership with business leaders and are always at the forefront of teaching how machine learning is being applied in the real world.
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Employers Know and Trust MSOE

Machine learning and AI skills are not easy to come by for employers, which is why MSOE’s machine learning educational pathways are popular with companies that want to upskill their workforces. Employers around the midwest know MSOE graduates strong professionals with immediately applicable skills.
“The depth of analytical knowledge I gained from the Applied Machine Learning certificate program gives me the context for continued independent learning. Now, I know how to ask the right questions.”
Max M., Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning ’22

Evolve Your Career With Machine Learning

Machine learning and other AI technologies are essential to making strategic business decisions in a world driven by data. Professionals skilled in machine learning develop and implement computer algorithms that learn and improve over time as more knowledge and experience is gained. A subset of AI technology, machine learning is most often used to automate the analysis of large data sets and to build analytical models.

Machine Learning Today

In 2021, the machine learning market size was $15.44 billion.1 Unlike many fields, machine learning career opportunities have a global reach, as companies around the globe employ this technology to manage data and improve business practices and decision making. Machine learning was also positively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand for applications to perform data analysis grew. This demand was led by the health care, retail, manufacturing and automotive sectors.

In 2021, a McKinsey survey noted that 56 percent of organizations had adopted AI in at least one function. This adoption was up from 50 percent in 2020. North America is the market leader for machine learning adoption. While Silicon Valley may currently dominate the hiring for machine learning and AI skills, these technologies are being adopted nationwide across a range of industries.

Companies leveraging machine learning in the Midwest—specifically Wisconsin—include:

Milwaukee Tool

Direct Supply

Johnson Controls

Collins Aerospace

GE Healthcare

American Family Insurance

Northwestern Mutual

Epic Systems


In 2021, the machine learning market size was $15.44 billion.

The Future of Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning boasted a strong market size in 2021, but is predicted to grow to a whopping $209.91 billion by 2029.1 This prediction was made based on the growing adoption of AI technologies in health care, automotive, retail and manufacturing sectors, and by several factors driving this adoption.
Machine learning is predeicted to grow by $209.91 billion by 2029
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Continued Advancements in AI Tech in Health Care

In health care, the COVID-19 pandemic ended up advancing technologies used by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other health care settings. There has also been an increased focus on how AI can impact nursing and patient care, especially via telehealth.3 Health care will continue to be a strong driver of AI and machine learning adoption in the coming years.

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Increasing Value With a Personalized Retail Experience

Retail companies will also continue to push the boundaries of consumer personalization by using AI and machine learning technologies. Digitizing business functions that used to be handled manually with AI technology will ultimately result in personalized sales experiences for consumers that will deliver more value.3

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Adoption of Natural Language Processing

AI and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are also drivers of machine learning market growth. You may have noticed significant advancements in natural language processing in recent years, especially if you use text to speak features on your phone. As this technology has improved, companies of all sizes and across various industries have put it to good use.

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