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Master Machine Learning with MSOE’s Online Offerings

Master Machine Learning with MSOE’s Online Offerings

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Milwaukee School of Engineering’s online machine learning programs were designed by engineers for engineers. With offerings at both the certificate and master’s level, the online machine learning programs are ideal for engineering professionals who want to understand how the technology can be applied in various scenarios across a variety of industries. Gaining machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) skills can open doors to leadership roles at companies that understand how essential these technologies are to making strategic business decisions.

Prospective students can choose from the online Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning or the online Master of Science in Machine Learning. And, for those who are not sure if they want to jump into the master’s program right away, the certificate is part of “stackable” offerings that give students the opportunity to apply credits earned through the certificate program toward the full master’s program if they choose to continue their education in machine learning.

Learn more about the online machine learning offerings and why MSOE is a leader in machine learning.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning

Providing a firm foundation in data science, machine learning, deep learning and AI with an emphasis on applications, the Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine Learning is an accelerated program that can be completed in just nine months. In this program, the curriculum blends practical skills with theoretical knowledge in order to prepare students to be effective practitioners of machine learning technologies. The certificate program was designed to build on students’ existing technical backgrounds in order to get them to a place where they are leading technical machine-learning projects and spearheading adoption across their organizations.

The certificate program curriculum is focused on two application-oriented courses that fuse concepts from statistics and computer science. Students will learn how to design algorithms and software that process data, make predictions and aid decision making. In order to learn these concepts, students learn through practical, hands-on projects that are guided by experienced faculty. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to synthesize solutions in the artificial intelligence and machine learning domains and connect the skills they have learned to their current professional work.

The certificate program is offered 100% online with synchronous classes. Credits earned in the certificate program can also be put toward the Master of Science in Machine Learning program.

Master of Science in Machine Learning

MSOE’s Master of Science in Machine Learning is a unique opportunity to develop advanced skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, both developing and deploying solutions. The curriculum focuses on the application of machine learning to industrial problems, as well as the development and deployment of machine learning-based products, which makes this program unique among the current educational offerings in this space. Students of the master’s program will gain skills that can be applied immediately to their current work, and that will increase their value and leadership abilities—immediately and well beyond graduation.

MSOE provides flexibility to those enrolled in the master’s program. Courses are offered 100% online in a synchronous format. Students can complete the master’s on a full-time or part-time track to better fit with the demands of work and life.

Why MSOE for Machine Learning?

MSOE distinguished itself as a leader in the area of machine learning with the first undergraduate computer science program focused on applications of artificial intelligence. Now, with the certificate and master’s programs, professionals who wish to develop the advanced technical skills needed to create new products integrating machine learning and big data can learn directly from experienced faculty members and get the hands-on experience they need to be successful in this area of technology.

Machine Learning Program Origins

MSOE’s online machine learning programs were created in partnership with top Wisconsin employers who saw the need to upskill their workforces in order to benefit from machine learning technologies. Considering that hiring demand for machine learning skills is up 417 percent since 2015,1 employers know that professionals well versed in these technologies are not easy to come by. With MSOE’s machine learning programs focused on application, students will learn the necessary skills to provide immediate benefit to companies looking to employ these technologies to lead in their respective markets.

Milwaukee Tool, an industry leader in developing innovative solutions for professional construction users, was one of MSOE’s early partners in developing the machine learning graduate certificate program. The company turned to MSEO to upskill their workforce as machine learning processes became more prevalent in making strategic business decisions.

Gina Jenkins, group manager for corporate training programs at Milwaukee Tool, shared, “As machine learning broadens to internal processes, Milwaukee Tool faces the choice to outsource work. This program allows us to cultivate these skills internally.”

“Both the certificate and M.S. in Machine Learning are very attractive to Milwaukee Tool,” she continued. “We are happy to hire someone out of undergrad and support their participation in these courses through educational reimbursement.”

MSOE regularly engages in conversations with our corporate partners to ensure that our programs are aligned with their hiring needs. As hiring continues to be a struggle in this area, companies have much to gain from training their talented pools of engineers who are eager to learn new skills and grow their careers.

Learn Directly From Expert Faculty Members

At MSOE, students get the benefit of learning from the experts with no teaching assistant intermediaries. MSOE faculty are experts in applying and consulting on machine learning models for a variety of industries, including software, advertising, audiology, and more. They have worked for companies like Red Hat, AdRoll and NVIDIA.

Dr. RJ Nowling is the program director for the certificate program. In collaboration with students and external research groups, he applies machine learning and data science to genomic data with the goal of extracting interpretable knowledge.

Dr. Eric Durant is the program director for the master’s program. He researches the use of real-time audio processing with a focus on hearing aids, artificial intelligence and deep learning. He also has researched genetic algorithms to efficiently fit audio processing parameters in hearing aids, robust perceptual rank inferencing, beamforming, convex optimization and spatialization.

These are just two of the expert faculty members that students learn and work with at MSOE.

Start Your Machine Learning Journey

Whether you start with the Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning or jump right into the M.S. in Machine Learning, MSOE’s online programs will give you the essential machine learning skills the employers need. Connect theory to application with a curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning.

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