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Transform Your Career With MSOE’s Online MBA in Education Leadership

Transform Your Career With MSOE’s Online MBA in Education Leadership

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Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Master of Business Administration in Education Leadership (MBA EL) program is a unique offering in the MBA space. This program was the first of its kind to be offered in the U.S. and is making a true impact on students who are looking to build the necessary business skills to successfully lead in education. Along with the traditional on-campus experience, MSOE is proud to now offer this program online. Students can choose from a 100% online option, or choose to complete the degree in a hybrid format.

Hear from alumni who have transformed their lives and the lives of their students with this program, and learn why MSOE’s MBA EL is an excellent choice to further your education and career.

Meet Alumnus Kiesha Johnnies, MBA EL ’17

More than half of MSOE MBA EL graduates ascend to leadership roles within the first year of graduation.1 Some of the MBA EL students, though, already hold leadership positions before they seek an MBA. Kiesha Johnnies, an experienced principal, discovered the MSOE MBA in Education Leadership during her third year in the role.

Getting Her Start in Teaching

Kiesha studied elementary education at UW-Madison and later graduated with a degree in social work. She began her career with organizations like City Year in Milwaukee and Teach for America, followed by a position as a kindergarten teacher at a charter school, where she quickly grasped the significance of character and values development for students. This led to a remarkable opportunity for her to co-found Hope Christian School: Caritas, which is one of eight college preparatory institutions in Milwaukee and Racine.

Through her teaching and education leadership journey, she realized the need for a different expertise beyond academics and classroom instruction. She recognized the importance of business skills in creating a thriving educational institution.

“I wish I’d had this program prior to me becoming a principal,” she said when looking back after graduating from the MBA EL program in 2017.

Keisha’s MSOE Experience

The MSOE MBA EL program provided Kiesha with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the operational and financial aspects of running a school. This newfound understanding empowered her to become a better principal and leader. She also learned techniques to identify personality types, strengths and weaknesses to help her faculty and staff work better together.

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Keisha Johnnies:
I think that with this program it has enhanced my ability to be a better principal. I wish I had this program prior to me becoming a principal.

Through the program, she came to understand how to build leadership from within, drawing ideas from faculty consensus.

As an MBA EL student, Keisha was immediately able to apply what she was learning in class to her work. Kiesha undertook a project focused on improving the integration and onboarding process for new teachers. Her goal was to alleviate their feelings of being overwhelmed and ensure their immediate contributions to the school. Kiesha successfully built, implemented, and maintained a program that facilitates teachers' seamless integration. This initiative reflects her belief in the importance of distributive leadership training, a vital component of her education at MSOE.

Through her journey as a principal and her experiences in the MSOE MBA EL program, Kiesha has made a significant impact on her school and the education community at large.

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What MSOE Alumni Are Saying

I joined MSOE’s MBA EL program because I was ready to grow as a leader. I needed the guidance from the course work, from the professors, and the support from my cohort. I knew that I had some of the skill set, but I also knew that I needed to acquire more of some of the intricate pieces that I wouldn’t have known as a teacher.
Sapphire C., MBA EL ’21
The program has helped to provide me with perspective. And I am able to utilize the tools and resources that I have learned in the course work to carry out both my day-to-day work and to help inform the superintendent of the strategic vision.
Peter R., MBA EL ’17
I knew myself that I had leadership characteristics, but didn't know how to implement them. And in this program, I'm learning everything that I need to know in order to be the best leader possible.
Elijah N., MBA EL ’22

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Why Choose MSOE for Your MBA in Education Leadership?

When you choose MSOE, you are choosing a distinguished leader in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin, with a reach that goes well beyond the Midwest. MSOE is known for its engineering programs, but earning your MBA in Education Leadership from an engineering leader has its advantages. MSOE places an emphasis on technology, innovation and applicable, hands-on learning. The institution draws in technically-adept students who want to grow their business acumen.

When you join MSOE online, you will benefit from the MSOE Advantage—more personal attention, more practical experience and more career power. By enrolling in the online MBA EL program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in practical, industry-relevant content that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities you will face as an education leader.

This proven program is a pathway to Wisconsin principal licensure and can be completed in 18 months full-time or in two years with part-time study. The coursework for the online MBA EL program is specifically designed to address these challenges and is sourced directly from diverse educational environments. MSOE’s faculty understand the importance of staying relevant in today's rapidly changing education landscape. Therefore, this program focuses on analyzing leading-edge case studies and real-world challenges. This approach ensures that you gain hands-on experience and cultivate skills that are in high demand by employers.

Ready to pursue your MBA in Education Leadership? Get started today. Complete the form for more information, or get started on your application.

  1. Based on self-reported data from alumni of MSOE’s hybrid and online MBA in Education Leadership program from cohorts graduating between 2015-2022.

Admissions Dates and Deadlines

Priority Deadline
August 1
Fall 2024
Application Deadline
August 12
Fall 2024
Term Start
September 3
Fall 2024

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